Top Ten Interesting Facts In The World

The world is an interesting place. The most boring, ordinary, daily stuff, can turn out to be a thrilling fact. Something you do daily could be once a genius invention. Here are facts that will keep your mind racing.

1. Chewing Gum Immediately After A Meal Reduces Heartburn

Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva. Chewing produces alkaline saliva.  The alkalinity reduces the acidic reflux that causes heartburn. The alkaline saliva also soothes your esophagus. The alkalinity also prevents teeth from corrosion, especially when vomiting.

2. Newborns Don’t Shed Tears

I am sure this a fact you didn’t know.  Babies do not have developed tear ducts. A baby is three months old when their tear ducts develop. The undeveloped tear ducts make it difficult for babies to shed tears.

Baby show their emotions with loud crying. Because unless they cry no one would notice their emotions. Therefore, it’s important to be attentive to the baby at all times.

3. Ostriches Intestines Are 46 Foot Long

The small bird intestines are coiled in the abdomen. Ostriches are the birds with the longest small intestine. Ostrich is also the fastest bird.

4. A Shark Can Sense Blood From 4Km

Top Ten Interesting Facts In The World
Top Ten Interesting Facts In The World

When it comes to sensing blood, sharks have the strongest sense. It can smell blood from a distance of four Kilometers. The sense helps the fish to know when it’s in danger.

5. Sun Has A Diameter Of 1,390,176 Miles

You might wonder how someone measured the diameter of the sun. It’s too hot. It comes in our list of 10 Interesting Facts. The sun diameter was an estimation. It’s not the specific diameter.

6. Sound Travels Faster On Steal Than Air

Sound moves 15 times faster through metallic steel than air. This fact is the reason the ancient telecommunication was using steel cable to transmit sound signals. Air has many distractions that do not allow sound to travel fast as compared to the steel metal.

7. Skunk Is Smelt A Mile Away

Skunks are north American mammals. You can smell the mammals from over one mile away. Their smell is strong as compared to other animals. It’s the only animal that humans can smile from one mile away.

8. Jupiter Is The Largest Planet

Jupiter diameter is 8,8700 miles. Its the largest planet in the galaxy. Earth is the only planet with life. The other planets lack the matter of supporting life. However, in Mars, there is clean flowing water.

9. Dolphins Can Detect Sound From 24 KM Away

Dolphins are fun loving animals. They spend their entire life swimming and having sex. They are also friendly to humans. Dolphins detect underground sounds from a Distance of over 15 Miles.

10. Three-Quarter Of The Earth Is Covered By Water

Top Ten Interesting Facts In The World
Top Ten Interesting Facts In The World

We live on planet earth. It’s one of the smallest in the galaxy. Water cover 75% of the Earth Surface. Over 85% of the plantation grow in water.

As you live in this world, you will always encounter an interesting fact. Most facts will be interesting, boring, and others useless. However, despite the nature of the fact, you will always learn something new.

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