Top Ten Nature Facts

If you research about nature, you will be amazed by the discoveries. The following are the top ten nature facts that you should know.

A Giraffe Uses Its Tongue To Clean Ears

A giraffe has a long neck. Rarely do we know it has a long tongue too. An average length tongue of an adult giraffe is 53cm. The animal has learned a good use of its tongue. It uses the tongue to clean it hear and nose.

Lightning Strikes More Than 6,000 Times Every Minute

Every minute there are more than a thousand storms around the earth. The thunderstorms cause more than 6,000 lightning flashes every minute.

Fire Moves Faster Uphill Than Downhill

As fire rises, it burns the vegetation cover above it. Uphill fire, the flame from a top tree burns the bottom of the next tree. Fires also require oxygen. Uphill there is a flow of oxygen as compared to downhill. This factor also makes the fire to move faster uphill.

Cats Have 100 Vocal Chord Sounds

Top Ten Nature Facts
Top Ten Nature Facts

Cats are special animals. They spend 67% of their lives sleeping. Cats are known for purring loudly when in pain or distressed. Cats have two different vocal cords. They can make over 100 different sounds. They can make different sounds which are nature facts.

Camel Milk Doesn’t Curdle

The protein structure in Camel milk differs from sheep, goats, cows and other animals that produce cheese. Due to its nature, camel milk does not thicken or curdle.

An Elephant Sleeps On Average Of 5 Hours A Day

Elephants are the largest mammals on the land. They are among the animals with the shortest sleeping time. Elephants sleep between 3 to 5 hours a day. They lie down and wake up to eat between naps.  Elephants in captivity have different sleeping patterns.

It’s Difficult For Cows And Horses To Walk Down Stairs

Horses and cows have difficulties walking downstairs. These animals don’t see the ground right before their feet. The design of their knees and hips makes it hard for them to shift their weight backward.

Frogs Can’t Swallow With Eyes Open

Frogs force food down to their stomach using eyes. Frogs do not have the muscles needed to chew food. The eyes sink in the skull to push down the food to the stomach. It’s an amazing nature fact.

Hummingbirds Can Fly Backwards

Top Ten Nature Facts

Hummingbirds are amazing flyers. They can beat their wings 80 times in a second. The bird can fly forward and hover. It’s the only bird that can fly backward.

DragonFly Have Six Legs But Can’t Walk

Dragonflies are full of surprising nature facts. It has six legs; however, the insect can’t walk. The insect has over 30,000 legs eyes that can detect ultraviolet light. It’s an amazing insect.

Other Nature Facts:

–    The tongues of a crocodile cannot move.

–    Hippos have killed more people than any other animal.

–    Elephants ears are used to regulate body temperature.

Nature is a gift. It has to be protected. Humans are curious about nature. Most of the time we go beyond and disrupt nature. The results turn out to be chaotic

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