Top Ten Popular Inventions Facts

Have you ever imagined a world without phones, radio, electricity, vehicles, and anything else that support our life today? We are a beneficiary of historical inventions. Some inventions were accidental while others took resources and time. Below are top history facts about popular inventions.

First Burger King

Over 60 years ago, David Edgerton and James McLamore opened the first Burger King in the 36th street of Miami, Florida. Today Burger King outlets are all over the world. Almost everyone has had a test of the Burger King recipe.

First Telephone Book

The first telephone book issue was in February 1878. The telephone directory made of a piece of cardboard had a few names. It only listed 50 businesses, individuals and offices in New Haven that connected to a telephone line.

Coca Cola Third Product

Sprite was the third product of Coca-Cola. 1959 in West Germany, the product was developed. Launch and introduction for the product happened in 1961 in the United States. Sprite is a caffeine-free, colorless, and lime-flavored, soft drink.

Instant Coffee Invention

Instant coffee was invented by David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand. The invention was patented in 1980. Manufacturing of the coffee used “Dry-Hot-Air” process. However, the method for creating a soluble coffee had been invented by Satori Kato 1901. Kato was a Japanese-American Chemist.

The naming of Hurricanes and Storms

Top Ten Popular Inventions Facts
Top Ten Popular Inventions Facts

In 1953, female names were used in the United States to name storms. Northern Pacific storms used both male and female names in 1978. Later in 1979, the Atlantic basin adopted the naming system of the hurricanes and storms. However, the National Hurricane Center has no control over storms naming.

Designing Of Olympic Flag

In 1925, Pierre de Coubertin designed the Olympic flag. The flag is a white background with interlaced rings. The rings are five; red, green, black, yellow, and blue.

Electric Toothbrush Invention

In 1927, the Electro Massage Tooth Brush Company designed the first electric toothbrush. Dr. Philippe Guy later improved the toothbrush invention in 1954.

First Door Bell

Joseph Henry invented the doorbell in 1831. Initially, it was described as a bell using an electric wire and rung at a distance. Electric doorbells were common by the year. Today doorbells are a necessity for every house.

English Dictionary

The first English dictionary was written in 1604 by Robert Cawdrey. Robert used wordlist published in earlier texts. In 1755, a group of booksellers sponsored writing of a correct dictionary. Samuel Johnson wrote the dictionary. It’s among the most influential books in the history of the English Language.

The Invention Of Tea Bags

Top Ten Popular Inventions Facts
Top Ten Popular Inventions Facts

Thomas Sullivan accidentally invented tea bags. Thomas was a New York tea Merchant. He packed his tea sample in small silken bags. The customers assumed that the tea was to boil pot with the same bags. Soon, the customers started sending letters to Thomas. Most customers thanked Thomas for the invention that saved their time.

Parting Shot

History has given us the best invention. The men and women who lived before us did excellent job to ensure the world was a good place for everyone. From the invention of instant coffee to doorbells, we enjoy the hard work of great men who ever lived.

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