Top Useless Facts In The World

Facts feed your brain. Some facts enlighten you while others make you dumber. There are so many facts that don’t make any sense in real life. These are facts that can’t be changed. The same facts don’t also change anything concerning our lives. Below are Useless top facts you didn’t know.

A Small Child Can Swim In Blue Whale’s Heart Veins

Think about it for a second. A blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Its tongue alone is heavier than an Elephant. The heart of a blue whale is not the largest organ. However, it’s big. The blue whale heart is also powerful. It maintains a constant flow of blood in the entire body.

Blood veins in the heart are large. Veins bring carbonated blood from the body to the heart. You can imagine the size of the whale. A baby can freely swim in the blood vessels of the whale.

The Risk Of Dying From Falling Coconut Is Higher Than A Shark Attack

Top Useless Facts In The World
Top Useless Facts In The World

It’s a useless fact yet true. Humans are more exposed to falling coconuts as compared to sharks. Next time you are seated by the beach, remember this fact. As you sip your juice under a coconut tree, you are at risk of falling coconut. When you decide to jump into the water worry less. The sharks are not likely to attack you. Only movies show aggressive sharks.

There Is A Rock-Paper-Scissor League

The league happened for the first time in 2006. The league was hosted in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel. It aired live on A&E Network. The winner won $50,000 cash price. Mario ANastosov was the winner of the league.

Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game. Its played between two people. The players form simultaneous forms on the hand. The forms are “rock” (closed fist), “scissors” (forming a V with middle and index fingers), and paper (a flat hand).

A Strawberry Is Not A Berry

Raspberries and strawberries aren’t berries. According to botanical they are aggregate fruits. The fruits develop from a single flower with two or more ovaries. Berries are simple fruits. They have several seeds too.

A Banana Is Not A Fruit

Bananas are berries. It’s a useless fact. We all eat bananas when we want to eat fruits.

Bananas develop from a flower with one ovary. Berries are simple fruits that stem from a single flower with one ovary. Bananas, kiwis, pomegranates, and tomatoes fall into this group. They are all berries.

The Youngest Person In The World Is Zero Age

It’s a useless fact. A baby is born every minute in the world. The baby who has just been born now is the youngest person in the world. Do you think that’s a useless fact? I thought so.

In conclusion, the facts are real. It doesn’t matter whether they are useless or useful facts. Probably the facts are made to make our lives more exciting. Anyway, who cares whether a banana is a berry or a strawberry is not a berry? They are useless facts.

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