Top Weird Facts That Are Creepy

The world is a strange place. Weird things are the daily norm. Things don’t happen according to our expectations. With this in mind, there are weird facts that no one could think they are real. Read on and discover the weird facts you didn’t know.

Lobsters Taste With Their Feet And Chew With Their Stomach

It’s a weird fact. Right? Lobsters have little pincers with tiny bristles. The tiny bristles function the same as a taste bud. To test prey, it only steps on it.

Lobsters taste and swallow the food. It has teeth in the stomach that chew the prey after eating. The teeth are inside one the stomach. Another weird fact is that the Lobsters have three stomachs. Each Stomach has its function.

The World’s Largest Waterfall Is Underwater

Top Weird Facts That Are Creepy
Top Weird Facts That Are Creepy

It’s a weird world with weird facts. Could you believe that the largest waterfall is underwater? Does it even make sense?

There are waterfalls in the ocean. The largest waterfall is in the Denmark Straight.

The waterfall is a result of a difference in temperatures in the Nordic and Irminger Sea. The Nordic sea is cold while the Irminger Sea has warm water. Water in Irminger drop at a speed of 123 cubic feet per second. The waterfall further stretches at 2 miles under the ocean.

Dolphins When Not Sexually Satisfied They Go On A Killing Sprees

Dolphins are friendly and fun loving as humans. Having sex is one of their form of having fun. It’s a weird fact how they behave when not sexually satisfied. They get nasty in the ocean.

According to scientific research, when male dolphins are sexually frustrated, they kill fellow males. Dolphins at this state can even attack other creatures in the sea.

The killing spree is the reason Dolphins class is under the deadliest animals.

A Female Kangaroo Has A Three Reproductive Vaginas

Kangaroo and Koalas have multiple reproductive organs. To enhance continuous lineage, they have three vaginas and two uteri. Two Vaginas connect to the two Uteri. The other Vagina is for giving birth only.

A Kangaroo can, therefore, carry two pregnancies at the same time and give birth at different times.

High Heels Were First Designed For Men

Top Weird Facts That Are Creepy
Top Weird Facts That Are Creepy

Think for a moment. A man on high heels. It’s a weird fact. Though the fashion known more to women, high heels were initially for men.

In the 16th Century, high heels were the trending fashions among men in Persia and all Europe. The high heels were a sign of masculinity and being virile. It was also a great way to the height.

Currently, high heels are a popular fashion for women. If a man wears high heels, he would become a Meme of the internet.

The Omen Movie Was A Bad Omen

Yes, another random weird fact. “The Omen” movie set produced in 1976 and 2006 was a bad omen.

The interesting coincidences occurred in real life as it had happened in the movie. The designer of the movie died the same as the death scene he had written.

From the largest waterfall to dolphin fighting spree, weird facts can be creepy. No one would think he was designing his death by writing a simple movie.

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