Trees In The World: Oldest, Tallest, Widest, And Biggest


One thing that we cannot deny is that trees are one of the main reasons behind our survival on this planet. They have played an essential role in taking humanity to the point where it stands at the moment. Here, we will be having a look at the trees in the world that have managed to live and prosper for several years now.

Trees In The World: Oldest, Tallest, Widest And Biggest
Trees In The World: Oldest, Tallest, Widest, And Biggest

Biggest Trees In The World: General Sherman

General Sherman is probably the biggest in terms of volume. Several trees are broader and taller right at their base, but they do not even stand close to General Sherman. It outranks almost everything on Earth by its volume. It is the largest living-being that we have on this earth.

Its age is approximately 2, 300-2, 700 years and it has been successful in surviving climate changes and several fires along with the activities of modern-day men. The weight of this tree is around 1, 385 tons, and it has a height of 274.9 feet. The diameter of the tree is 36.5 feet at the base. It is one of the fastest-growing trees on Earth.

Oldest Trees In The World

Old Tjikko is the oldest clonal tree is this world. The age of this tree is approximately 9 550 years. It is on Fulufjallet Mountain in Sweden. Leif Kullman, a lecturer of Physical Geography, discovered this tree which was later nicknamed “Old Tjikko” after Kullman’s dog.

It is a 16 feet tall tree which might not strike an individual as the oldest tree in the world at its very first sight. However, do not get fooled by its size. This tree has adapted to all kinds of climate changes over the years. Some reasons why this fellow has been successful in surviving for such a long time include layering and vegetative cloning.

In times of vegetative cloning, the trunk of a tree dies every hundred years while the root system survives for several thousand years. On the other hand, layering takes place when one of the tree branches touches the ground and transform into a root.

Hyperion: Tallest Tree In The World

Hyperion, standing at 115.6 meters is the tallest tree in the world. Naturalists Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins discovered the tree on 25th August 2006. It is in California, particularly in the Redwood National and State Parks. The tree is around 700 to 800 years old.

Trees In The World: Oldest, Tallest, Widest And Biggest
Trees In The World: Oldest, Tallest, Widest And Biggest

Widest Tree In The World: El Arbol Del Tule

The Tree of Tule or El Arbol del Tule is a cypress tree with its location in the Santa Maria del Tule region of Oaxaca in Mexico. The town city has got its name from this tree. It is a 1, 400 years old tree with a diameter of around 11.62 meters.

Considering the old and precious gifts of nature that these trees are, we should take steps towards being more conscious about them. They protect nature, animals and also human beings. So, please stop cutting them without thinking about the consequence.