Unbelievable Random Facts – A Look At Some Unbelievable Random Facts

unbelievable random facts

The internet is filled with unbelievable random facts. It’s impossible not to notice these. They pop up in forums, chat rooms and on various other places online. I’ve seen lists of unbelievable random facts for example;

Here’s a personal favorite. My brother once came up with the idea of using his imagination to fly. He planned it for Thanksgiving Day, but didn’t have the money for the tickets. He was upset because he hadn’t gotten out yet, and his grandmother was coming to visit from out of town. So he drew a picture of himself flying and posted it on our refrigerator. Needless to say, she was blown away.

An Overview

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My favorite fact is about a guy who supposedly won the lottery. According to this guy, one day while he was looking at numbers in a New Jersey casino, he picked the winning number. Well, the fact is that the person he picked didn’t win the lottery, he got a free meal. How amazing is that? It doesn’t even make sense.

So here’s another unbelievable random fact, this time it’s about a dog named Fluffy. Once upon a time, a fisherman was out on a lake. He had taken some fish for supper, but they were dead. He looked through a window and saw a ghost of Fluffy sleeping on the beach. He scooped Fluffy up and brought him home.

Another fact you may not have heard is that when Alexander Fleming wrote his book, “The Time Machine,” he actually faked a whole laboratory with a time machine. People would go in and out of it and play different kinds of games with the answers to questions relating to time. If it worked one time, it would mean there existed a proof that time travels.

Unbelievable Random Facts

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If you’re interested in knowing more, I’d recommend you do some online research. Some of the websites are really fascinating. If you were to go through each of them, it would take you days. The other option would be to just download a time machine simulation game for iPhone, which is available for download free from the iTunes App Store.

You’ll also find other unbelievable random facts, like the fact that a cat has a more complicated nervous system than a dog. Also, there is no such thing as a perfect body; every body is perfect to some extent. The fact that there are no perfect bodies means that all bodies can function to the maximum capacity possible. That’s why some people get the wrong end of the stick!

Another fact is that your eyes are the windows to the soul. You see things in your life from a pure perspective and some people call it selfishness. But if you think about it from a more spiritual point of view, it’s really nice. When you look at things from a more spiritual or higher perspective, it means that you have a clearer perception of what’s going on. And from that perception, you can better understand how to live that would make people happy.

Bottom Line

The last fact that I want to bring up in this article is this one. No one chooses who they are. Everyone was born in the same manner. The fact that you were born into a certain group, culture, race and color means that you were destined for that position and you have the power to change that by choosing to.

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