Useless Facts About Time

The world is full of useless facts. Knowing many useless facts will make you appear funny to your friends.

Below is a list of amazing useless facts you didn’t know.

Koalas Spend 18 Hours Daily Sleeping

It’s unusual for marsupials and herbivores to sleep for long hours. Sleeping above 15 hours a day is common with carnivores. However, this is not the case with Koalas.

On average, Koalas spend between 18 to 20 hours a day sleeping. The remaining hours the animal mate or spend them eating. The animal spends more than three-quarters of its life resting.

Humans Spend 10% of Active Hours With Closed Eyes

An average person blinks 15 to 20 times in a minute. This is according to research conducted to determine the humans blinking rate. In an hour it adds up to 1,200 times. During a day it would mean that humans can blink up to 28,800 times.

Humans, therefore, spend more than 10% of waking hours with closed eyes.

A Minimum Of One Minute Kiss Burns Calories

Just like working out, kissing burns calories in the body. Kissing for four minutes burns the same amount of calories as taking a walk for five minutes. This is according to research carried out by a group of scientists to study the effects of kissing on the human body.

It’s a useless fact that you didn’t know. You can kiss and lose weight the same as walking.

Hummingbird Heart Beat Over A Thousand Times In A Minute

Useless Facts About Time
Useless Facts About Time

Hummingbirds are amazing birds. The metabolism rate of Humminbird is high as compared to other birds. As a result, the bird flaps its wing 80 times a second.

To maintain a high metabolism rate, Hummingbird heart beats 1,000 times per minutes. The fast heartbeat supplies its body with enough oxygen. Oxygen is useful in metabolism process.

Hummingbirds live on nectar. It packs 40% of its weight with fat for migration.

Most of the times Hummingbirds live close to calories deficiency. The bird, therefore, needs to eat every half-hour to keep itself supplied with energy. Some Hummingbird starves to death during their sleep.

There Are 31,557,600 Seconds In One Year

A year has 365 days. In a day there are 24 hours. One hour has 60 minutes. Every minute is made up of 60 seconds. The total number of seconds in a year, therefore, equals 31,557,600. It’s a useless fact. However, every second count.  

The Smallest Measurement

The smallest unit of measurement of time is the Planck. To blink one single time, it would take over 550 Thousand Trillion Trillion Plancks.

The Earth Rotate The Sun In Less Than 24 Hour

We know that the earth rotates the sun in 24 hours. A single rotation, however, doesn’t take exactly 24 hours. A full rotation takes 23 hours, 56 Minutes and 4.2 seconds.

The World Clock Is Late With 11 Minutes

Useless Facts About Time
Useless Facts About Time

Before the 19th Century, clocks were reset at noon time. The resetting confused people. Many people kept missing trains and important meetings. In the year 1840, a train company in London started running their timetables with the clocks that were 11 minutes behind. The railway company style inspired the invention of a clock that didn’t need resetting.


Many useless facts are useful in real life. Like for example, there are over 31 Million seconds in a year but every second is vital in human’s life. Every time you are with your friends just drop a useless fact.

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