Weird But True Facts About Celebrities

Weird But True Facts About Celebrities

Beyond their glitz and glamor, celebrities are humans just like us. They have normal lives and fantasies, just like us. But if you are always intrigued by their lives and their personalities, then here are some weird but true facts about celebrities. Some of these are revealed by the stars, while some were just leaked to us. Read on to know more.

Weird But True Celebrity Facts

Kesha Claims She Slept With A Ghost

Kesha revealed in an interview with Conan O’Brien that she once got intimate with a ghost. She said that the spirit started caressing her, and they both continued to have a sexy time together. Such weird claims have been made by a few other celebrities as well.

Weird But True Facts About Celebrities
Weird But True Facts About Celebrities

Harry Styles Was Born With Four Nipples

There was a vague rumor regarding the One director singer that he had four nipples. He confirmed the rumor in an interview with Chelsea Handler. This condition of having extra nipples is known as polythelia.

Katy Perry Loves Collecting Celebrity Hair

Katy Perry has one weird hobby, and that is to collect celebrities’ hair. She added that she has locks of hair of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

Ashton Kutcher Has Webbed Toes

You wouldn’t believe such facts, but it is true! This condition is known as syndactyly, in which a person has webbed toes just like that of some amphibians. The actor also showed his connected toes on a British Talk Show in 2008. He had added that when everything else looks so good-looking, there has got to be some flaw.

Paris Hilton Built A Huge Dog Mansion In Her Backyard

The love for dogs takes an entirely new level for Paris Hilton. She reportedly built a 300 square-feet doggy mansion in her backyard, all complete with air-conditioning and heating. The mansion had pink-colored walls, a chandelier, and designer furniture. There was also a balcony and an enclosed yard for the mansion.

Weird But True Facts About Celebrities
Weird But True Facts About Celebrities

Rebel Wilson Became An Actress Because Of A Hallucination

Rebel Wilson decided to become an actress when she caught malaria during a trip to South Africa. She had a hallucination of winning an Oscar. Perhaps, these hallucinations were due to the medications she was taking for malaria. Her hallucination came out to be true. This is one of the weirdest celebrity facts.

Tom Hanks Is Obsessed With Typewriters

Actor Tom Hanks loves collected vintage typewriters. He has more than hundreds of them. The actor once authored a book of short stories where he mentioned a typewriter in each story. He once revealed in an interview in the New York Times how he derived pleasure from typing in the old school way.

Leslie Mann Is A Talented Unicyclist

Do not think that only clowns can ride a unicycle. Our very own celebrity Leslie Mann is a talented unicyclist. She revealed in an interview that she was gifted one for her 10th year Christmas. She then went on to learn a few tricks on it.

These are some of the weirdest celebrity facts that will keep you entertained.

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