Weird Facts About Michigan City No One Knows

weird facts about michigan

Michigan, meaning a large lake in the Ojibwe language, became the 26th state of the union in 1837, but prior to achieving statehood, Michigan almost went to war with Ohio due to territorial dispute. It went something like this: the Michigan territory took issue with Ohio claiming the mouth of the Murray River in Toledo as its own property.

There are many legends and myths about Michigan city, but below we had discussed some authentic ones.

Facts About Michigan City

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1- Things heated up in 1836 when militia forces from both sides marched into the wilderness to oppose one another. Luckily they never came in contact, and the only casualty of this dispute was a sheriff who got stabbed in the thigh by the son of an Ohio Military officer who was trying to rescue his father from Michigan jail. In order to quickly solve this issue, Congress insisted Michigan accept the boundary line and cede Toledo in order to gain statehood, which they reluctantly accepted.

2- The death penalty is still practiced in quite a few countries, including the United States but not in Michigan. In fact, this state was the first to ban capital punishment in 1847. After Detroit bar owner Stephen Simons was hanged for murdering his wife in 1830, newspapers and religious leaders began to criticize this brutal and primitive form of justice and petitioned for its abolishment. The final straw was another case where another man who was hanged was later found to be completely innocent from that moment; the public movement became so influential that the state legislature had no choice but to ban the practice; however, it needs to be said that there was one exception to this Ban up until 1963 if you were found guilty of treason you could still be legally executed.

3- Ever heard of a city called battle Creek? Probably not, so you might be surprised to learn that this was once the unofficial capital of breakfast cereals. W. Keith Kellog had worked at a Sanatorium. While working in the lab, Will spilled liquefied cornmeal on a heating device that cooked the product and rendered it to flakes. He tasted the flakes added some milk and gave it to the patients. The demand exceeded his Expectations, so he soon left and founded his own company today. That company’s revenue is numbered in the billions, and Kellogg’s brand and its cornflakes are among the most well-recognized American products throughout the world.

Conclusion On Weird Facts About Michigan City

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 Michigan’s capital city is Lansing, a city of 116,000 people, but only one city comes to mind when thinking about Michigan, and that, of course, is Detroit so let’s talk a bit more about Motors city although that nickname doesn’t really apply anymore as I said earlier the auto industry expanded really fast in Detroit and with it the city’s population exploded by the 1950s. 1.85 million people lived here, making Detroit the fourth-largest us city, but the city relied almost entirely on the auto industry and when it declined, so did Detroit today less than 700,000 people live here, which resulted in severe and thousands of empty buildings in 2013 it had to file for bankruptcy with a debt of over 18.5 billion dollars

Today the city is investing in city services and revitalizing the cityscape and now is mentioned as a city of Renaissance, but there is still a long way to go before it ever reaches its former Glory 

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