Weird Facts About Presidents Around The World You Never Knew

weird facts about presidents

Whenever we talk about presidents, here are some of the greatest world leader names pop-ups in your mind like Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and many more (no, not Donald Trump. We are talking about great people) we always think and talk about how great hard working responsible and courageous leaders they were but have you ever thought about how weird your President can be? Well yeah! This is gonna be really weird because here are some of the weirdest facts about presidents, including Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

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Yes, this is the first name that comes when it comes to the weird President. You never knew this big guy has a weird irrational fear of stairs called bathmophobia. Well, now he’s the ex-President of the United States, but you may not have known that he filed for Presidency 4 times before he became President just imagine having him as President all these years.

Being rich has its own perks; you can own a wine factory so does trump. Oh yeah, free alcohol for the rest of your life, but Donald Trump doesn’t drink. That’s right, guys, back in time, his elder brother Red died because of his drinking problem that’s when Donald Trump decided not to touch alcohol ever again.

Now, this big guy has a lot of businesses, but you never knew that he has filed for bankruptcy four times, one in 1991, one in 1992, one in 2004, and in 2009. And Donald Trump is a germaphobe, so now you know why he doesn’t like to shake hands.

Barack Obama

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Yeah, many of us didn’t know Obama’s middle name is Hussain because his parents were Muslim and Christian. He was working at Baskin Robbins as a teen made him hate ice cream. Back in high school, Obama had a nickname “O-bomber” for his basketball skills, yeah! He comes from a big family, having two fathers and ten siblings because his mother has married twice. No wonder he could make his basketball team! He is known as Mr Renegade By the secret service, well that sounds cool!

John Quincy Adams(the 6th President of the USA)

According to many reports, John Quincy Adams has a thing for skinny dipping. He’d often go for a quiet dip in the Potomac River at 5 am.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s favorite food was oyster. He was introduced for a wrestling hall of fame. He was also a wrestler in his days! Not only that, he was defeated once in approx 300 matches. He also worked as a bartender.

John F Kennedy

The average person can read 200-300 words per minute, but John Kennedy can read up to 1200 words per minute, which would’ve been a fun rap battle with Eminem. Lots and lots of drugs! Reportedly, Kennedy suffered from colitis, prostatitis, Addison’s disease, and osteoporosis.

He became the sex symbol because of his charming personality back in the 60s. The Harvard recommendation letter his father wrote for him mentioned that Jack was “careless and lacked application.” He got in anyway.

Xi Jinping

The current President of China once lived in a cave for around seven years; the cave is now a tourist spot.

Summing Up

These weird facts about presidents around the world are worth sharing. Go on. Let your friends know this too.

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