Where to Get These Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats

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There are a lot of stories out there on how animals are treated while being neglected, abused, or simply being treated horribly. Many people have no idea just how ruthless some of the people can be when it comes to abusing animals.

Get Over Them

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Some people are so ruthless that they actually hurt their pets so that they will get over them. That is basically animal cruelty. Some animal cruelty facts include the ways that pets are being murdered in some parts of the world including Africa, Australia, India, Thailand, and others.

Most of these animals are starved to death. Some countries are even forced to import large numbers of animals from other countries that have been made to suffer in the country. It is very brutal and it happens more often than you might think. These animals are typically fed table scraps and left to fend for themselves. Some animals are so malnourished that they can’t even walk or even talk.

Other animals are killed because they are used as entertainment. Some animals are trained to perform bizarre tricks for money. The unlucky ones that get tricked are killed. It is truly disturbing to think about how little some people take care of their pets.

Causing Pet’s Suffering

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The sad truth is that some trainers and owners are completely unaware that what they are doing is causing their pet’s suffering. There are countless stories on the news about dog and cat abuse. It really should not be hard to see that some of these dogs and cats that are abused could be saved if only the owners had taken the time to learn a bit about animal cruelty facts and stats. Some of these dogs and cats end up dead because no one tried to save them. Others just disappear.

 Avoid Bringing  Animals To Your Home

It is absolutely necessary that all pet owners and animal trainers know these facts. It might help to avoid bringing any animals into your home. Make sure you always have a responsible owner who has plenty of knowledge about animal care. It would also help to make sure that your animal is spayed, neutered, and treated well. You don’t want any unwanted pregnancies to occur!

Last Words 

There are many books and websites that you can find that will tell you what the animal cruelty facts and statistics are for the country. You can also get online and find out what each state has to offer in terms of laws and how they will help to get rid of this problem. There is no reason for anyone to get mistreated or for any animal to live in an awful life. There is hope and it can be found if you take the time to search for it and to learn all that you can about the subject.

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